The future of TLC

Say hello to the TLC Residents Village. It’s time to leave your mark as we transform lives together.

Here is a short video about our groundbreaking for TLC’s Residents Village and a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to our donors.

TLC’s Residents Village will bring people together. Residents will enjoy the sense of community that is so important to each of us. The Village will feel like a neighborhood, enriching lives by creating more opportunities for connection through beautifully and intentionally designed spaces.

Dignity, individuality, safety, and innovation in care were all top of mind as our team came together to design the first building of the new Residents Village – TLC’s new state-of-the-art Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) home. Features like a window seat that transforms into an overnight sleeping option for families and guests make this building unique and customized for the current and future needs of clients, families, and staff.

Nearly double the size of the current home, this new ICF home will allow residents and families to enjoy large indoor and outdoor spaces with natural light and a communal feel. A unified residential community with new, critical spaces like offices, a staff lounge, consultation space, staff and guest restrooms, plenty of storage, and a nursing station make our team’s jobs more efficient, safe, and enjoyable for them and our residents.

Help meet the SECU Foundation’s $1.5 million Challenge grant. Your donation will help residents enjoy the sense of community that is so important to each of us.

Meet Village Resident, Quinn

The existing TLC homes were built in the late 1980’s for children facing more limited life expectancies than today. With loving and nurturing care, many of these children defied the odds. Quinn, one such resident, came to live at TLC’s Tucker Residence when he was 14.

Now in his 30s, he will live in the new ICF home. He’ll enjoy spaces tailored to meet his individual and evolving medical needs well into the future – one of the reasons Quinn’s family chose TLC in the first place.

“At that point, Quinn had already gotten a feeding tube and had a tracheotomy. That meant that he now needed nursing care; he needed a lot of things apart from just good care. Tammy Lynn Center was a Godsend as far as the family goes and what they were going through. So, it became a real opportunity when the slot opened.”

Tim Brown, Quinn’s uncle

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