Our History

Tammy Lynn Center was founded in 1969 from the hope of parents to improve the options for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Back in the late 60s, parents had very few choices: they could institutionalize their children at a distant facility with poor living conditions, or try and care for them on their own with little to no outside support. Our three founding families, the Tucker, Moore and Pierce’s, decided to create a better option: the Tammy Lynn Center.

TLC began as a “Mom’s Morning Out” in the basement of a church in Cary, NC. From our humble beginnings, we continued to grow and expand, moving from the church to our current location on Chappell Drive, where we now offer a range of services which provide opportunities for those with disabilities to live and be part of their community, close to their families, with the skilled care and support they deserve to live their fullest life.