Tailored Care Management

Tailored Care Management

Finding the right healthcare and community services can be confusing and stressful. Your situation and needs are unique. Tailored Care Management is a new service that can help.

TLC’s Tailored Care Management provides a dedicated Care Manager to coordinate all aspects of a person’s health care and supports – medical, behavioral, long-term, and community services. Our Care Managers and Care Management team work together with an individual, their family and/or guardians, as well as their doctors, service providers, therapists, and others to coordinate a plan of care that is right for the person.

TLC is a Certified Care Management Agency by the NC Department of Health and Human Services.

How Tailored Care Management Helps

Our extensively trained Care Managers provide specialized support for individuals and their care team to make sure that everyone is working together to help each person live their fullest, healthiest life.

A Care Manager helps integrate a person’s care across all areas of life, which helps everyone receive the supports they need such as:

  • physical health and medical care
  • long-term supports and services
  • mental and behavioral health care
  • social supports & services, such as housing, food, and other basic needs
  • community resources and more